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Wine Showroom around Taiwan, Philiphinnes And Singapore

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Dates: 25, 29, 31 May.

  • Promoted by IPEX Castilla-La Mancha.
  • Assistance List:
    • Family Algod Wines
    • Bodegas Verum
    • Zagarron Wines
    • Balmoral
    • Coloman SAT
    • Montalvo Wilmot
    • Verduguez
    • Foobespain
    • Tavasa
    • Bodegas Illana

Ipex Castilla-La Mancha promoted a Showroom over three different markets but keeping the same format for all the shows; to bring to the same place potencial buyers (importers, distributors, specialist, restaurants and hotels) and sellers (wineries from Castilla-La Mancha).

We had a really intensive days. We kept several meetings with potential buyers and we are really proud of feeling how strong Spanish´s brand is. It has a huge international recognition around the world and, year after year, the clients assume and recognize the quality of Spanish Wines.

Also, we are really impressive with the quality of the Castilla-La Mancha´s wines. Probably there aren´t any wines around the world that could beat our wines in terms of quality and competitive prices. So we have a competitive advantage, we should continue working on this way and we wish Public Administrations would follow supporting this promotional showrooms.

Our companies, our wineries should continue investing money on our Commercial Departments, adding value to ended products and taking in consideration that Spanish´s wines has a lot competitors and we cannot stop improving and producing wines with high quality. Quality is the matter of the business.

Below my words, I wouldn´t create any dispute against regions and origins denominations. In fact, from my own experience, I think that the Spanish wines should be collected under the same brand name: WINES FROM SPAIN. Although we cannot avoid continue using Origins Denominations or Geographical Identifications; there is a power fuller brad name than any other, SPAIN.

Asian markets will become consider developed soon. They are doing so many efforts to consolidate their economies.

Lifestyle? Their lifestyle is completely different from us. Mainly, we have two ways: refuse this potential market or adapt our wines over these trends, likes and preferences. We have decided to choose the second one. Why? 60% of the World´s population are from Asian Markets. We want to cover the high market´s target, Medium Class. Two arguments to achieve our challenge: High Quality & Competitive Price. To achieve this challenge, it is easier than other countries, if your vineyards and wines are from Spain.

Regarding the same topic, Lifestyle; we assume our responsibility. Those potential customers, most of them, have never earned nothing about wine. They don´t know wine. They have never tasted it before, and we would like to consolidate on their lives. The question is HOW?

TEACHING, we should explain them the health benefits of a glass of wine. Teaching, how they can substitute beverages with high level of sugar by wine. Teaching, how they can share a dinner with friends around one bottle of wine and teaching to the young generations than wine is better than any other beverage or spirits.

So, we have a really long way to run; however we are patient, we love our job, we are proud of our wines and we love exchange cultural values, learn new traditions and respect the multicultural citizens in the world.

Keep on working
Keep on learning
Keep on living









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