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Why La Mancha is one of the best places to produce wine around the world?

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Why La Mancha is one of the best places to produce wine around the world?


La Mancha is considered the largest vineyards in the world. Taking into consideration that there are wine growers in the six different continents and it is possible to produce wines at really low temperatures and also at really high temperatures; this fact makes La Mancha an unique place to produce wine around the world.

From the ice wines coming from Switzerland or Canada, dry red wines from Australia or white acidity wines from New Zealand, crossing South Africa and moving on to Malbecs in Argentina or Cabernet Franc in Maipo Valley in Chile, jumping on Napa Valleys in USA… taking into account all these places; La Mancha is still the best place in the world to produce wines.

The most important competitive advantages are: temperature jump (day against night), dry climate conditions and soil.

During the summer, in sunny days, vineyards produce sugar. This sugar then will be transformed into alcohol by using two different and natural fermentations: alcoholic and malolactic.  So, in sunny days, at high temperatures the plants usually produce a lot of sugar, although when night comes and temperatures go down… plants will stop the cycle and all this sugar already produced will be kept for the rest of the summer. This is the reason why La Mancha wines content more alcohol graduation than others. Alcohol content means high quality wine.

Secondly, the humidity in La Mancha is really low. So, the lowest the humidity is, the less probability of illness there is on our vineyards, as well as less chemical products to control insects and pests. Most of the wines produced in La Mancha are ¨almost¨ organic wines since they don’t use chemical products to control pests.

Thirdly, soils are rich. Lands are not on a level and the vineyards are located at 650 meters of altitude. Besides, it is really easy to use machines and efficient productive techniques on the lands extensions.

If we combine these three reasons, we discover the best place in the world to produce wines. We are proud of Spain, we are proud of La Mancha wines and we hope to contribute positively to wine business.

From Algod, we wake up every day motivated to add value to our wines taking into account these competitive advantages and by offering high quality wines at really competitive prices to all our clients around the world.

Best Wishes to everyone!

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