The history of this family business comes from La Mancha, where the products are handcrafted to obtain authentic products, as a result of dedication and perseverance through the years.

Under the umbrella of the Spain brand, we want to have legitimacy to represent our country in every corner of the world. Respecting other cultures, learning new traditions and taking care of our environment with a clear objective: the small details make the difference.

Marketing has become a vital pillar of the company so that all customers can buy our products everywhere in the world. For this reason, a powerful human team has been incorporated in order to achieve an international relevance in the agrifood markets


To achieve this, in 2014 Potencial Market was born, created by three not only friends but also brothers and fulfill the promise of our ancestors to close the production cycle “From farm to the table”.

This young group is seeking to adapt to the new needs of the XXI Century, in order to ensure that the unmistakable flavor of the products that nature gives us continue and leaving a mark on the incoming society. Adapting our portfolio of products to the new market trends and pursuing the challenge of having “PARTNERS 100% SATISFIED”.

Since 1913 we have tried to be faithful to our principles and values.

The world is not an inheritance from our parents, but a loan from our children.

Darío Barco Durán


Degree in Administration and
Business Management + MBA.
Restless, open and insightful.

Rocío Barco Durán


Solidarity, creative and demanding.

Jesús Barco Durán


Double Degree in Law and
Business Management.
Extroverted, sensible and determined.